Photograph by Alaa Hassan, Four Balloons

Existing Elsewhere

coculture Space
Berlin, Germany

The exhibition Existing Elsewhere puts on display a series of black and white photographs by Berlin-based photographers Guevara Namer and Alaa Hassan, whose works are presented for the first time in Berlin and in Germany. Starting from the investigation of the ways displaced people in Europe look back at their past, the show deals with the construction of individual memory and discloses the ambivalent perceptions of the self in the present. Furthermore, it aims to put into discussion stereotypes about the concepts of belonging, nostalgia, and the experience of the diaspora. Existing Elsewhere is also the result of an intense dialogue between the two photographers, who relate to each other’s self-exploration by mutually reacting to common elements or recurring themes arising from their works.

Alaa Hassan
Guevara Name

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