Installation view, ‘In Between’, Galerie Postel, Hamburg, 2018.

In Between

Galerie Postel
Hamburg, Germany

To be in between two states creates a constant tension. To be in exile creates a constant state of in-between(ness). I had to leave; I have to return. I must maintain my roots; I must adapt. Can a home exist in memories and images alone or must it be lived in? Throughout history how often have homes been abandoned and how many times must this recur? How can exile lead to reconciliation and new modes of trans-cultural integration?

Khaled Barakeh

The show brings together four Syrian artists living in exile in different places in Germany, presenting variety of topics and media materialised in their works; distinct from one another but still tied together by a common thread: the experience of in-betweenness.

In Between is the materialisation of Khaled Barakeh’s project SYRIA Cultural Index – an online platform focusing on needs of the Syrian cultural sector; a common ground for the artistic community to virtually come together in a space that in the real world was lost due to war and exile. On November 15th a small excerpt of that cultural initiative will come together in an exhibition at Galerie Postel to offer a glimpse into the rich Syrian art scene thriving in Germany today.


Amer al Akel
Hiba Alansari
Fadi al Hamwi
Razan Sabbagh

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