Installation view, ‘On the Ropes’, Artists’ studio, Frankfurt a.M., Germany, 2014.

On the Ropes

Artist's studio,
Frankfurt a.M., Germany
Curated by the artist

Expressing states of anxiety and instability, every item and piece of furniture in the artist’s studio was suspended 15 cm above the ground on fishing wire. Opened to the public, the studio was transformed into a gallery space, and the artwork became an art space of its own, allowing the audience to walk through emotions that are usually hidden away and viewed as a sign of vulnerability.

For two nights, musicians were invited to play music on the ropes of the artist’s flying furnitures. As each wire has a different length, carries a different weight and has an unique resonance as it is plucked and bowed, the audio experience of object becomes different to the visual one. During the opening, a group of invited musicians performed a concert titled Sounds like Precarity.

First performance:  Markus Oeffinger (guitarist, Germany).

Second performance: Takahashi Marie (violinist, Japan), Aki Kitajima (cellist, Japan), Marco Ramaglia (pianist, Italy).

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