Installation view, ‘Does Europe Exist? v2.0’, ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017.

The 7th

2017, 7 digital prints on acrylic glass, 30x45 cm each

7 photographers, in 7 different Syrian political territories, looked up to the sky and took a photograph at the same moment.

The 7th aspires to break the silence surrounding the topic of liberty in Syria and explores the relationship between the structure of political divisions and the freedom of the blue sky.

Blue skies are closely associated with freedom. The sky is an ever present, subtle source of almost meditative safety. It is the stability we are accustomed to in the cycle of night and day. Since the outbreak of the armed conflict, our understanding of the Syrian sky has shifted. It is no longer a source of stability but rather a new unknown, a source of possible danger. This work explores a conflicted relationship with whats above. Despite the ground under our feet having been divided up in the name of ideology and politics, blue skies remain overhead, estranged yet still free.

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