Hà Nội, Vietnam, 2013.

Mobile Academy


Mobile Academy applies itself to the principle of ổn định động in an attempt at a spiritual attitude, a matter of spatial construction, and a form of collaborative knowledge production. The tent architecture of the learning venue has been developed together with architects and craftspeople in Hòa Bình near Hà Nội in a combination of traditional bamboo construction and Tensegrity, an architectural principle in which framework is held together by tensile stress.

Throughout the journey of the Mobile Academy, from the North to the South of Vietnam in March and April 2013, local experts from the fields of culture, history, politics and the everyday were invited into this tent to share their experiences and ways of thinking and working with each other as well as with students, guests and neighbours. Inspired from and parallel to this, students and local artists developed individual or collaborative works, such as films, graffiti, performances, photographs, texts and drawings, which were being presented in Berlin as a last station.

'The Mobile Academy' in different cities in Vietnam and Germany, 2013.

The Mobile Academy in collaboration with District-Berlin Kunst und Kulturförderung was visiting Bá Linh for the two-day symposium ổn định động. Taking place at Dong Xuan Center in Lichtenberg simultaneously with the exhibition opening by Vietnamese artist Tran Luong at District in Tempelhof , the art symposium introduces unusual formats of learning from and about Vietnam in Berlin. In interstices between different homeland narratives, ổn định động links contemporary accounts from Vietnam with artistic reflections on the culture and everyday life of Vietnamese diaspora(s) in Berlin.

'Mobile Academy' documentary
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